A downloadable game

Be an hired adventurer and help the people around you

You are part of an elite team set out to help anyone in need

As part of this team you can help people get back on track or even be part of your team

The world is falling

People around you are going crazy. Plague, monsters, ruins these are just a couple of the things you will run into throughout the game.

Find rare gear to help out on your quest

Loot multiplication is one of the many things in this game

Such as theres 1 sword but it has 50 different variations with 100 different effects across them

Help or take

When or your quests one might ask you for a powerful item...Do you refuse to give it to them or give it to them. Or just don't do any quests and grind and find things yourself, the choice is yours.

The development of the game is on Gamejolt at


So you can follow along with the development

The game when its finished will look nothing like the game on gamejolt

When the game comes out the full version will be on here for